It was our experience when opening our first store, that while we really needed the services of a consultant, they were extremely expensive and often connected you to other expensive service providers or left you to obtain those services on your own. You need a consultant with first hand experience in every aspect of the process from licensing to hiring employees. Every member of our team has that experience. 

We are the best cannabis retail consultant in Ontario Canada because we provide the benefit of our real world experience and complete comprehensive guidance to individuals who are in the process of opening a cannabis retail store. We don’t just provide you with documents and leave it up to you. We support you directly via email/phone as necessary as you progress to each step in this very exciting process. 

Our fees are very reasonable and a fraction of what most retailers overspend while opening a store due to lack of experience. We estimate that we spent over $50,000 more than was necessary when opening our first store due to lack of experience. The most critical aspects of the project are time, money and knowledge. We help you manage these things based on our experience in opening a licensed cannabis retail store. 

When we were going through the process of opening the first store, we had many questions that nobody could answer. We spoke to many consultants but they either didn’t have real world experience or they only had expertise in specific areas. We needed someone with experience in all areas of opening a cannabis retail store. 

Why We Are The Best Cannabis Retail Consultant:

Questions that potential retailers have;

  • how much will it cost to open a store?
  • what’s a good location?
  • how many employees do I need?
  • how can I be sure to pass my inspections?
  • how much inventory do I need?

While the answers to some of these questions are specific to your scenario, a quick discussion with our team can help you get the answers.

How we help our clients;

  • we work with you to determine your budget. We have the actual costs of all the various aspects of opening a cannabis retail store.
  • we have experience in obtaining all required licenses and passing all required inspections.
  • we know how to prioritize the necessary steps to ensure that you avoid unnecessary and costly delays.
  • we can connect you to proven partners that provide the services that you will require, or help you negotiate with your own partners.
  • we assist you with each step of the way from finding a location to hiring your employees.


Would you like to start a project with us?

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